This week on Sex City—November 26, 2011

For our last Saturday broadcast, Coman Poon dedicates the hour to renegade art practices as an honouring of Sex City's renegade output over the past 15 years.
Coman is joined by experimental choreographers Lily Eng and Peter Dudar, together known as Missing Associates, who initiated the experimental dance scene in Toronto's art galleries in 1973. Subsequently, Missing Associates were the only experimental choreographers to repeatedly tour throughout North America and Europe.
Lily Eng and Peter Dudar combined their unique talents in an innovative and radical mix. Eng was virtuosic and intense, delving deep into her inner landscape. Dudar's work was structured and interdisciplinary.
In exploring aspects of their work, Eng and Dudar provide insights into an intensely creative period in Toronto's art galleries.
Peter Dudar recently won the Steam Whistle Homebrew Award at Images Festival 2011 for Starlings (at Nightfall) "in recognition of its arresting cinematic composition and elegant study of movement." Lily Eng was this year's Canadian Spotlight artist at the Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival.


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