This week on Sex City—February 14, 2017

Jon offers up a Valentine's Day treat!
-Tynan Rhea comes back to Sex City to share ideas around sex and pregnancy and parenthood
-Performer and sex educator Kelsey Obsession talks to us about the very diverse world of porn and her place in it
-Alex S. Morgan helps people explore and reclaim their sexuality and will share some thoughts on how we can prioritize sex in difficult times

This week on Sex City—February 7, 2017

Louise welcomes the Chicago based artist Gina Wynbrandt. Her debut graphic novel, Someone Please Have Sex With Me is an unflinchingly personal and wry work. It follows the young character, Gina along her struggles to find sex and romantic interest. While she has varied desiring daydreams, along avenues to connect to sex, she meets with frustration with each turn. Her comical tones questions the cliché that women can access sex more easily, through depicting advances by this character, perceived as unwanted or threatening.

This week on Sex City—January 31, 2017

Claire AH is joined by two wonderful local folks to discuss sexuality and its intersections in Toronto and abroad:
  • Jane Way is a porn performer and provider right here in Toronto with a punk rock beauty with a phenomenal energy, tremendous insight, and a social media presence that is refreshingly direct. They're going to share thoughts on the porn scene in Toronto and abroad.
  • Viktoria Belle is at the helm of the Sexual Assault Action Coalition. They've recently garnered a lot of attention because of their work to hold bar owners at College Street Bar accountable for sexual violence in their space. She'll be discussing their recent initiatives, as well as what people can do to take action against sexual assault.


This week on Sex City—January 24, 2017

Brett discusses cosplay: what it is, and the intersections of sexuality and gender expression with cosplay.
  • Princess Chris Cosplay (Chris Calfa) tells us about gender-bending Disney princesses, the performance of character, and the creation of custom wardrobe.
  • Holly Wolf discusses provocative imagery using recognizable characters from comics, film, and television, and why character is important to her as a professional model.
  • Bear Sailor Moon (Noel Scott) delves into the use of gender-fluidity in performance, and how he created an image and award-winning performance.


This week on Sex City—January 17, 2017

Jon highlights three upcoming, sexy events!
  • Erin Pim tells us about Bed Post—Toronto’s sex/sexuality variety show featuring erotic readings, real life sex stories, ask a sexpert, raunchy comedy, and stripping!
  • Jack Lamon of Come As You Are comes back to Sex City to tell us about the return of the Toronto Erotic Arts and Crafts Fair!
  • Fatima Mechtab of Oasis Aqualounge also returns to share with us the excitement of the upcoming 4th anniversary of Sapphic Aquatic!


This week on Sex City—January 10, 2017

Louise reaches to Toronto-based author Jowita Bydlowska. Her first novel, Guy, is a stirring page-turner. Its eponymous narrator is a womanizing and judgemental figure who along his work as a music agent, goes on the prowl for girls he perceives as plain or needy. It becomes a pursuit, including processes of making the women feel good, until he leaves them, not caring about the damage he does to others. His believing that after his leaving them, they would continue to feel better about themselves than they were before he got them, is countered with Bride, whose character presents Guy with his first real clash.



This week on Sex City—January 3, 2017

Host Claire AH rings in 2017 with pantslessness and pup play!

Tune in for two great new interviews:
  • Pup Dane is the first ever Pup Montreal. He'll be joining us to discuss puppy play, how pup identity intersects with queerness/the leather scene/the arts, and how he's educating folks about his community!
  • Paddy Jane is a photographer, performer, event planner, and co-captain of the No Pants Society. What do you want to get out of 2017? We'll be discussing sexy resolutions for the new year, and how to get started on one this weekend. Hint: no pants required!



This week on Sex City—December 20, 2016

Sex and Science Night!
Jon introduces 2 amazing sex products and a fascinating project!
  • Jonathan Driscoll has a PhD in Physics and is the visionary behind the revolutionary vibrator HUM
  • Neil Maurette saw a need for for better couples’ sexual experiences, so he and his wife came up with the VejuVe Enhancer
  • Have you ever wondered if porn can be broken down to its genetic core? Taylor Kohut of the Porn Genome Project is going to tell us what this could mean for our porn-watching habits.

This week on Sex City—December 13, 2016

Louise welcomed a discussion with Sudz Sutherland, the co-creator of the new CBC-TV series, Shoot The Messenger. The show follows Daisy, a young journalist who witnesses a murder and gets embroiled in an investigation that crosses worlds of sex, crime and politics. The story is set in Toronto and includes many of the city’s diverse neighborhoods and their complexities of illicit sex and corruption, as well as her own relational complications.


This week on Sex City—December 6, 2016

Claire AH brings you the best of literature and lingerie!
  • Kai Cheng Thom is a writer, performer and cultural worker with experience in everything from spoken word to poetry to prose to facilitation to public speaking to counseling... We'll be discussing her latest novel called Fierce Femmes and Notorious Liars: a Dangerous Trans Girl’s Confabulous Memoir.
  • Ashley Holden and Amy Pearson of Stole My Heart lingerie share their body-positive philosophy about femininity, sexiness, and comfort for all bodies! We'll explore the ins and outs of their gorgeous new Toronto shop.


This week on Sex City—November 22, 2016

Jon welcomed special guests to the studio to discuss porn, photography and Craigslist:


This week on Sex City—November 1, 2016

Host Claire AH talks about sexuality-related events in our community with three fascinating local guests:
  • Sex and DisAbility advocate Thyra joins us to discuss an important series happening in Kitchener right now focused around sex and disability. We'll be looking at not only at the mechanics, but specifically how people with disabilities come to sex through different kinds of relationships.
  • Lucky Minx is a local burlesque star and co-creator of the monthly social club The Lucky Bastard Social Club. What exactly goes on at a social club and how can you join in? This interview will give you all the information you need for this novel (or retro!) approach to the sexy party.
  • Speaking of sexy parties, I'll be joined by Adam Cowan of Bed, Bathhouse & Beyond to find out how queerness takes over Oasis Aqualounge, the Toronto sexuality scene, and the whole world.


This week on Sex City—October 25, 2016

Dorianne welcomed:
  • Nick Comilla, author of Candyass, a smutty, edgy, coming-of-age novel about what it means to be young, gay, and urban today, a tale of one night stands, drugs, and the ongoing quest for love.
  • Zena Sharman, editor of The Remedy, an anthology featuring a diverse collection of real-life stories from queer and trans people on their health-care experiences and challenges, including essays by health-care providers and activists.
  • Zoe Whittall’s new book, The Best Kind Of People, examines rape culture and the effects on the family and community of a respected man once he is charged with the sexual assault of a number of teenage girls.



This week on Sex City—October 18, 2016

Jon welcomed to the show:
  • Sasha Grey was one of the most beloved porn performers in the world. Since moving on from the world in front of the cameras, she’s embarked on many projects, including her much-lauded erotica series The Juliette Society. She joins us to discuss the recently released second volume The Janus Chamber.
  • Jarred Weisfeld is the president of Start Publishing and Cleis Press. They have recently encountered issues with finding a company to print The Sex Toy Coloring Book.
  • Jerome Stuart Nichols is well-known for is amazing blog LTASEX. He is now branching out to another realm of sex education by creating The Butters—a fantastic lubricating moisturizer!


This week on Sex City—October 11, 2016

Louise reaches to the Brooklyn-based author Natasha Stagg, who'll discuss qualities of her recent debut novel, Surveys. The narrative traces a period in the life of a young character, Colleen, who while working at a survey centre in a Tucson mall, dreams of fame and being loved. Her fame surges as she develops a strong online relationship with Jim, that abuptly draws her to Los Angeles. Complications surface along their passionate and commercialized touring of their internet coupledom.



This week on Sex City—October 4, 2016

Host Claire AH talks about sex/uality with three wonderful guests:
  • Leanne of LESADA joins us on the program to discuss her work with male-identified people who want to explore non-sexual femininity in a safe, supportive environment.
  • Mary-Anne is a self-proclaimed unicorn will teach us all about how to meet and treat potential play partners in this particular threesome context. Spoiler alert: RESPECT!
  • Bex of the popular blog Bex Talks Sex will be talking about their new podcast The Dildorks as well as sharing some musings about the best and brightest of sex toys, as well as those that are perhaps less stellar.


This week on Sex City—September 20, 2016

Jon welcomed awesome guests!
  • Dr. Nicole Prause is a neuroscientist researching human sexual behaviour, addiction, and the physiology of sexual response and the founder of Liberos LLC, an independent research institute. She will talk to us about the difficulties sex researchers face.
  • Phillip Coupal is a traditional Counsellor in bodywork who helps individuals and couples at theAwaken Studio in Toronto.
  • Fatima Mechtab from Oasis Aqualounge joins us again to highlight the amazing event coming up at Oasis as we move into autumn.


This week on Sex City—September 27, 2016

Dorianne hosted a roundtable on Power, Privilege and Polyamory, a teaser for the upcoming event on this topic on October 15th featuring:
  • Kevin Patterson, who runs Poly Role Models, a blog/interview series for polyamorous people to share their real-life experiences.
  • Jeff Perera, who has been speaking on healthy versus toxic masculinity, and men helping end gender-based violence for over six years, and is also an anti-racism activist
  • Quinten Hackwood, a bi queer, genderqueer polyamorist who focusses heavily on trauma, consent, boundaries, and emotional processing.
  • And to round out the hour we heard from Monk from Twisted Monk, creators of handmade hemp bondage rope.



This week on Sex City—September 13, 2016

Louise welcomed the director Dominic Rodriguez, who discussed aspects of his documentary, Fursonas. This project involves the semi-secret world of furries, including their relationship to the media. It includes a number of interviewees and their insights, questioning stereotypes, outlining relations and acceptance. The film also considers possible rifts in furry fandom communities.



This week on Sex City—September 6, 2016

Host Claire AH discussed sex and sexuality with four fascinating guests:
  • Cailey of La Petite Mort is the owner of a newly minted online sex store. 
  • Stephanie Scarlet is a porn performer, cam performer, and escort. 
  • Michael Erickson is one of the owners of Glad Day Bookshop, which is in the midst of moving, remodelling their new home, and adding so much to the experience of their store. 
  • Carlyle Jansen is an author, educator, speaker, and the owner of the sex shop Good For Her. 



This week on Sex City—August 30, 2016

Dorianne spoke with this exciting lineup of guests:
  • Candace Chartrand, Assistant Producer of the Montreal Fetish Weekend told us all about the festivities that are currently running, including public events on the street, play parties, workshops and more. 
  • Sophia Apostol, a coach working with women who struggle with their relationship to their bodies, which is especially pertinent with fat women, and she runs a dating course that's all about having dating be fun and easy. 
  • Dr. Asato Ikeda, who programmed the Third Gender exhibit at the Royal Ontario Museum, art and information about the wakashu of the Edo period in Japan, from 1603 to 1868.


This week on Sex City—August 23, 2016

Jon welcomed three delightful guests to the show!

  • Vanessa de Largie is an Australian sex writer and columnist whose work focuses on feminism, fierce female sexuality and women’s issues
  • Luna Matatas told us about her sex education work, with a particular focus on CBT (Cock and Ball Torture)
  • Jerry Barnett reported on the controversial state of porn in the UK by telling us about his book Porn Panic! Sex and Censorship in the UK



This week on Sex City—August 16, 2016

Louise speaks to Joanna Walsh, who's recent fictional memoir Hotel, involves her taking a job as a hotel reviewer, during the deterioration of a marriage. It's a thoughtful read, including roving observations of hotels, with their varied designed areas, as alternatives to home, including desire, anonymity and the uncanny.



This week on Sex City—August 9, 2016

Cordelia had the pleasure of interviewing:
  • Karen B. K. Chan, Toronto-based sex and emotional literacy educator extraordinaire! She's been teaching for over 18 years! We'll be talking about her speaking, writing and many upcoming workshops on "Calling In", sex positivity, pleasure and emotional intelligence. 
  • Liz Andrade, a sex-positive graphic designer and comic maker based in Seattle! She runs her own sex-positive design business, recently started working as a designer for Planned Parenthood and is a co-founder of All Cycles, a grassroots project providing Seattle neighbours in need with menstrual products. 
  • JoEllen Notte, aka The Redhead Bedhead, a writer, speaker, researcher and mental health advocate who also talks about (and reviews!) sex toys. She lives in Portland, and since 2014 she's been doing extensive research on sex and depression. She's just finished presenting at the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit, and I'm looking forward to chatting with her.


This week on Sex City—August 2, 2016

Dorianne got a little highbrow with guests from the theatre and academia:
  • Thea Fitz-James, writer and performer of the show Naked Ladies. Naked Ladies brings together personal anecdotes – both traumatic and silly – alongside art history, feminist theory, and performance art, to explore why (and where, and for whom) women get naked on stage. 
  • Patrick Keilty from University of Toronto’s Sexual Diversity Studies will talk about what electronic technologies mean for feminist and queer identity, activism, sociability, art, and politics.


This week on Sex City—July 26, 2016

Jon welcomed three guests who you might know better for their work in the porn industry, but who are venturing out with other projects!
-Asa Akira is a multi-award winning porn star who is releasing her second book Dirty Thirty
-Kay Brandt returns to the show to tell us about her new food and porn cooking show Forked
-Andre Shakti is expanding her writing career by seeking a space for her poly advice column and contributing to Cosmopolitan.com



This week on Sex City—July 19, 2016

Louise welcomed Tiffany Hsiung who's a filmmaker in Toronto. Her recent work is a feature documentary, The Apology, involving several elderly subjects, collectively known as “grandmothers.” They each bringing impressions of their experiences as sex slaves for the Japanese army during World War II. A resonant, moving film, which includes how these grandmas have publicly protested for an apology from the Japanese government, in the last twenty years, that has been relatively absent from historical discourse.



This week on Sex City—July 12, 2016

Sophie discusses the fine art of sex blogging with three Canadian writers
  • Writer Kate Sloan (of the popular sex blog Girly Juice) is launching an audio series about kink and mental health. 
  • Rebecca who, along with her partner Andy, runs the blog A Couple of Kinks. We talked about what it's like to make blogging into a romantic activity, and what they've been inspired to explore together.
  • Finally, we discussed body positivity and blogging with Suz of Red Hot Suz, the best toyboxes and her inaugural trip to Oasis, Toronto's premier sex club.



This week on Sex City—July 5, 2016

Dorianne spoke with:
-Sarah Barmak, author of Closer: Notes from the Orgasmic Frontier of Female Sexuality. A blend of reportage, interview and first-person reflection, this book is a provocative look at why our current understanding of female sexuality isn't getting us off.
-Colin from Hole Punch Toys, who creates gorgeous, whimsical silicone sex toys; each is conceptualized, sculpted, molded and poured by hand, one at a time.
-And Michelle/Ryan tells us about zir Fringe play “Ze: Queer As F*ck!, an autobiographical solo comedy that is a riotous romp about sex, gender, and one queer’s parade of identities on the way to pride.



This week on Sex City—June 28, 2016

Dorianne spoken with three amazing guests!
  • Jane Eaton Hamilton, author of a new novel called Weekend. Featuring queer and nonbinary trans characters engaging in kink, parenting of a newborn, and managing messy emotional relationships, Weekend is a bold and heartbreaking consideration of the true nature of love at the cusp of middle age.
  • Dr. Kate Lister, a feminist academic who researches the history of sexuality and is the mastermind behind the Whores of Yore twitter and instragram accounts, providing a pictorial history of sex work and related imagery.
  • Elard Tissot van Patot, who leads walking tours of the Red Light District in Amsterdam and will tell us about the history of the area, some of the interesting sights to see, and about the current situation of sex work in the Netherlands.


This week on Sex City—June 21, 2016

Louise reaches to Marusya Bociurkiw, who's a longstanding author, filmmaker and professor in Toronto. Her latest work is a documentary, This is Gay Propaganda, involving LGBT people and the war in Ukraine. It includes Marusya's travel to several Ukrainian cities to speak with varied LGBT refugees and activists, expressing moving accounts of experiences, midst Russia’s now infamous “gay propaganda” law.



This week on Sex City—June 7, 2016

Jon welcomes folks from some of Toronto’s most beloved queer community institutions into the studio to tell us about the amazing events they’ve got going on for the now month-long festival of queer culture!
  • Evalyn Parry is the Artistic Director of Buddies in Bad Times Theatre which will be presenting their annual QUEER PRIDE 2016 extravaganza
  • Fatima Mechtab of Oasis Aqualounge will give us a peek at the many different PRIDE FESTIVITIES the club will be hosting (and be ready to call in for a chance at a special prize!)


This week on Sex City—May 31, 2016

Cordelia interviews three local women doing innovative (radical!) things in the world of sex education:
-Carly Michelle is teaching teachers how to teach sex education in Ontario!
-Ola Monica Skudlarska holds workshops and talks about sex and mental health, and we'll be talking primarily about sex as a coping mechanism, and
-Tynan Rhea is facilitating workshops on sex during and post- pregnancy.



This week on Sex City—May 24, 2016

Louise welcomed Paige Gratland in Vancouver. She's an artist who co-directed with her partner Sam McWilliams, a short documentary Bootwmn. It's a thoughtful and heartwarming work involving a collaboration with a New Mexico lesbian bootmaker, handcrafting a gay themed boot, which goes on to be award-winning in a traditional context.


This week on Sex City—May 17, 2016

Sophie discusses all things sexy with three local movers and shakers:
  • First, she discussed Sexual Attitudes Reassessment with Toronto-based sexologist Den Temin, who offers sex education, development workshops, and retreats, among many other things.
  • Then she spoke with incredible burlesque performer Betsy Swoon about her experiences in the industry and her recent wins at Toronto's Burlypicks Festival!
  • To round out the hour, she talked sex-positivity in comedy, storytelling, and podcasts with jack of all (of those) trades, Dean Young!



This week on Sex City—May 10, 2016

Dorianne spoke with Kale Gossen, an advocate for Relationship Anarchy, an approach where a person's relationships are each independent, between autonomous individuals, and non-hierarchical whether they are sexual, romantic or neither. She also talked with Hasan Namir about his novel, God In Pink, about being queer and Muslim in war-torn Iraq in 2003. And she was joined in the studio by Jason Armstrong whose book Solosexual: Portrait of a Masturbator is a memoir that delves into the world of men for whom masturbation is their primary and preferred sexual outlet.



This week on Sex City—May 3, 2016

Jon spoke with folks who taught us about sex parties, sex ed and sex products!
  • Gweneth Lee told us about the global sensation of Killing Kittens—parties for the sexual elite
  • In recognition of May being Masturbation Month, Dr. Nadine Thornhill discussed ways to discuss masturbation with young people
  • Ryan Poirier introduced one of the hottest sex toys on the market today, The Womanizer



This week on Sex City—April 26, 2016

Louise spoke to Isabel Hendrix in Los Angeles, who's a feisty plus size model, recognized around the world. She blogs, considering aspects of body positivity and self love, with unique, colourful self-stylizations. While she has modelled for varied brands and artists, including lingerie and swimwear, she's also putting together a master list of the top plus size lingerie & underthings shops.



This week on Sex City—April 19, 2016

Sophie was joined by:
  • Sex educator, sex-positive PR person and Sliquid lube ambassador Anne Hodder, who discussed recent findings about anal sex, lubrication and STIs, as well as some of her favourite slippery sex tips.
  • Stephanie Avery, founder of OkStupid, which is an event where Torontonians share their online dating woes. We discussed some of her favourite (and least favourite) OkCupid anecdotes, as well as how to hook up online in a less creepy, more respectful way.
  • Queer porn performer, fetish model and Make Love Not Porn-star VonBettie, who has recently been featured for her incredible work of sharing real life sex on film, both in front and behind the camera!


This week on Sex City—April 5, 2016

Dorianne brought us an exciting lineup of guests, including:
  • August McLaughlin, a health and sexuality writer with expertise in eating disorders, and host and creator of the Girl Boner podcast where she interviews relationship experts, celebrity entertainers and more.
  • Chris Veldoven, formerly a queer parenting programs coordinator at the 519 Community Centre, is now facilitating a group called “Poly Relationships - What's going on for Guys Into Guys?”
  • Christina Zeidler who has, along with John Mitchell, made the film Portrait Of A Serial Monogamist, a hilarious romantic comedy set in Toronto’s queer subculture.


This week on Sex City—March 29, 2016

Cordelia welcomed:



This week on Sex City—March 22, 2016

Louise welcomed Katrien Jacobs, who's an associate professor of Cultural Studies at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. She authored The Afterglow of Women's Pornography In Post-Digital China (Palgrave Macmillan, 2015). This fascinating narrative, considers female consumption of pornography in China, accounting sexual differences, sex positive activism and various developments towards queer aesthetics, including women's boys' love fantasies, in Chinese called 耽美, Dān Méi, or simply “BL”.



This week on Sex City—March 15, 2016

Sophie chatted with Canadians making waves in their communities and around the world:
  • Helvetica Bold: Burlesque performer and teacher, event host, entertainment producer and curator. 
  • Luisa Ramirez: Freelance sexuality educator, tech enthusiast, sex toy reviewer, social media person and all around sex geek.
  • Andrew Gurza: ‪#‎DeliciouslyDisabled‬ dynamo, sex and disability activist, radio and podcast producer/host, consultant, writer for many sites including a recurring column with the Huffington Post, and so much more.



This week on Sex City—March 8, 2016

Dorianne spoke with an exciting line-up of guests, including:
  • Neese Honey Dip, a black BBW and a BDSM porn performer and producer who is currently touring around including stops in Toronto. 
  • Jen Bonardi, a performer who plays the part of Tiggy Upland, a bisexual advice columnist and star of a new web comic made with miniatures. 
  • Dale Cooper, a porn performer, writer and sex educator who recently gave a talk at the Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health on sex work and trafficking.


This week on Sex City—March 1, 2016

Jon offered a sexy respite from a snowy night with a fantastic group of sex community favourites! He was joined by:
  • Jess O'Reilly is Toronto's own sex ed superstar who will be presenting the workshop "Steamy Sex for Couples" at Good for Her
  • Jillian Keenan is freelance writer whose first book Sex with Shakespeare—about love, obsession and spanking—comes out in April
  • Lynsey G Lagsalot is a freelance blogger, critic, writer, poet, journalist, artist, model and much more who writes some of the most compelling and provocative work on sex.



This week on Sex City—February 23, 2016

Louise welcomed Amber Dean, who authored Remembering Vancouver's Disappeared Women: Settler Colonialism and the Difficulty of Inheritance (University of Toronto, 2015). This thoughtful narrative examines the longstanding and ongoing violent loss of women, many of them indigenous and presumed involved with sex work in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside. She also considers representations and memorials with compassion toward the missing women, while posing the larger public implicated in these terrible acts.



This week on Sex City—February 16, 2016

Sophie welcomed Dainty Smith, the creator of Les Femmes Fatales: Women of Colour Burlesque Troupe. She's also a performer, writer, speaker and all around powerhouse. We'll be discussing her latest burlesque show, representation in burlesque, and what she's up to next.
She also spoke with Adam Glinglin, a sex coach and educator who wants to help you find your sexual super powers. He's at the helm of Sexftw and his unique view of discussing sexuality will make you feel like a hero!
Finally, Sophie introduced us to Mike of Bunz Kinky Zone to discuss this new Toronto group, born out of the unbelievably popular Bunz Trading Zone. What is it like to run a sexy group through notoriously prudish social media? We'll find out.



This week on Sex City—February 9, 2016

Dorianne spoke with three amazing guests:
Erotic romance author Rebecca Brooks about her most recent release, How to Fall, which features a high school math teacher traveling in southern Brazil, where she meets a sexy Australian for a fling-turned-more, as well as her upcoming projects.
Rebecca Church, Editor in chief of Sensheant, a new magazine dedicated to Inspiring & supporting sexual fulfillment, empowerment and wellness in the lives of women around the world.
And Jacq Jones, proprietor of the Sugar, a lesbian owned, multi-gender operated, sex toy store in Baltimore, driven by the mission to provide education and toys in a shame-free, sex-positive environment.



This week on Sex City—February 2, 2016

Jon welcomed a great line-up of amazing guests! Rebecca Rosenblat told us about hosting the weekly call in relationship and sex advice show Sex @ 10 and her upcoming workshop How To Drive Your Man Wild with Pleasure coming up on February 22 at Good for Her. N. Maxwell Lander gave us a sneak preview of his first photo book coming out this month, Carnal Anomaly. And Sex City favourite Kate Sinclaire introduced us to her recently new site Ciné Sinclaire.



This week on Sex City—January 26, 2016

Louise spoke with Coman Poon, a Toronto-based artist and performance devisor, who will be co-mediating an introductory expressive arts group with Norma Araiza. The workshop involving Intimacy and Healthy Relationship concerns. It'll be a customized and structured with safe openness, a maximum of 10 participants, across four weeks (Feb. 28, March 6, 13 & 20).


This week on Sex City—January 19, 2016

Host Sophie Delancey is spoke with three amazing women who have taken on big new projects about sexuality, body-positivity, relationships and often about how they all intersect!



This week on Sex City—January 12, 2015

Dorianne brought us this exciting lineup of guests:

We heard from:
  • Tamara Lush is the author of Hot Shade, an erotic romance about a Florida reporter falling for a mysterious Italian with a dark secret – he’s in hiding from the Mafia. 
  • Johnny Salib is a musician and theatre artist who runs queerdeer media, which hosts Our Queer Art, Our Queer Stories, Our Daily Queer, and Our Queer History.
  • Tina Lugo is inspired by on early 90’s television and the Ero Guru Nansensu art movement to create art with sexual and often tongue-in- cheek humor.



The week on Sex City—January 5, 2016

Jon brings in the new year right on Sex City with some amazing guests to talk about music, sexy parties and erotica!

We heard from:
  • Soma Stanford is a Canadian doctor and writer who recently released Jade Wallace, a lesbian erotica novel of wild exploration and heart-breaking loss.
  • Fatima Mechtab from Oasis Aqualounge will tell us about their upcoming 3rd anniversary of their wildly successful Sapphic Aquatica.
  • Jordan B. Wright is a trans indie rocker who will be sharing some tunes in advance of the release of a new album "Everything Blue"


This week on Sex City—December 29, 2015

Louise welcomed Jennifer Doyle, University of California professor, who authored Campus Sex, Campus Security [semiotext(e) 2015]. The book is thoughtful and pointed, questioning how sexual assault and rape are covered-up through contemporary U.S. Campus jurisprudence. She demonstrates also how student activists are attacked, soaked with pepper spray along administrations' perception of the campus as a "hunting ground," to be protected from the corruptive outsider.



This week on Sex City—December 22, 2015

Sophie spent some time with artsy types: a zine creator, a burlesque performer and a visual artist. Toronto is replete with people who weave sexuality and body-positivity into their work, and tonight is just a small sampling. Sophie spoke with SK Hughes, editor-in-chief of Milkweed Zine about their upcoming second issue, focusing on short fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry, photography, and visual art in the erotic milieu. She also welcomed back performer and headmistress of the Toronto School Burlesque Red Herring to discuss the school's new location and new classes, events and ventures. And finally, artist Roxanne Ignatious talked about her experiences in Toronto as a feminist artist working in the independent music scene, particularly her latest work on a giant fabric vulva for Maylee Todd's Virtual Womb show.



This week on Sex City—December 15, 2015

Dorianne discusses Japanese rope bondage, sex journalism and queer multi-media science fiction!
• JD from Toronto Kinbaku Salon told us about the courses they offer, a curriculum that ranges from light bondage for fun and play in the bedroom, through to multi-transition suspension bondage for the dedicated rope aficionado.
• Alana Boltwood joins the show to discuss the wildly imaginative project Hexasexual, imagining a future world where there are six sexes, each with their own genital configuration, and the ensuing possibilities for intercourse, reproduction and orientation. Hexasexual is a science fiction narrative, a series of sculptural art and jewelry pieces, and a political manifesto.
Hannah Smothers is a reporter for Fusion's Sex+Life section who has written on subjects such as the vibrator’s migration away from looking like a penis, spray-on condoms, and the state of sex ed in the Unites States.



This week on Sex City—December 8, 2015

Jon welcomed guests who are making waves by innovating in, creating for and writing to the sex community.
-Princess Kali is a superstar in the kink community (Erotication.com, KinkAcademy.com, PassionateU.com, FearlessPress.com) who is now sharing her expertise and information on erotic humiliation in her book Enough to Make You Blush.
-Alexandra Fine, one of the co-founders of DAME Products, created Eva, the world’s first hands-free couple vibrator that set the record for adult product crowdfunding.
-Chi Chi Sun and Gardiner Smith from Damiva will tell us all about their product Mae, an all-natural vaginal lubricant.



This week on Sex City—December 1, 2015

Sex City marked World AIDS Day by bringing together a respected and dynamic panel of guests for a round table discussion of the current legal, medical, and societal issues surrounding HIV/AIDS. Dorianne Emmerton, Sophie Delancey and Jon Pressick were joined by:

-Ramraajh Sharvendiran, Men’s Health Coordinator of ASAAP (Alliance for South Asian AIDS Prevention)
-Rui Pires, Gay Men's Community Education Coordinator of ACT (AIDS Committee of Toronto)
-Lauryn Kronick of the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network



This week on Sex City—November 24, 2015

Sophie is celebrating community and sexuality with a few of her favourite people who are reaching out and making our world just a little bit sexier.
- She'll be talking with DJ Little Kicks AKA Terri Rodak about what it's like to run a very sexy dance night with an element of consent and safety along with creating an inviting vibe.
- Community organizer and fat activist Ama Scriver will be on the show to discuss the way the experiences of fatness frame body positivity and sexuality.
- Always delightful comedian Amish Patel will be sharing his new sex/dating project and talking about his experiences being open about his sex life as part of his comedy.



This week on Sex City—November 17, 2015

New host Cordelia presents Youth for Youth: young people in Toronto designing, organizing and delivering sex and relationship education to their peers. She spoke with:

-Mary Getachew, a member of SExT (Sexual Education by Theatre), educating teens about sex and healthy relationships through skits, songs, dances, poems and raps. SExT are going to be performing in the University of Toronto's upcoming FOOT festival (Festival of Original Theatre).

-Destiny, one of the founders of Bad Subject, a youth-led, non-profit initiative, that offers workshops for youth by youth on consent and rape culture. Their workshops take place in high schools around the GTA, from grades 9-12.

-Khrystyna Horstka, a peer education with the Planned Parenthood Programme SNAP (Supporting Newcomer Access Project). SNAP is in it's second year, delivering sex education for newcomer youth, by newcomer youth. Khrystyna works with a small group of volunteers to design and present workshops in schools, community groups and drop-in programmes around Toronto!



This week on Sex City—November 3, 2015

This week host Jon Pressick presents our annual Playground Conference special, highlighting some of the most amazing thinkers and speakers on all topics of sexuality. Jon will be joined by special guest host Stephen Biggs to speak with:

-Nikki Thomas is a former sex worker and self-described “tuition whore” who started in the sex trade at age 26 to pay for her education. A University of Toronto alumna with degrees in political science, sexual diversity studies and psychology, she has since retired from sex work, and now spends her time as a boring, mid-30s suburban soccer mom.
From Happy Hooker to Happy Housewife, she discusses her unique experience going from one of Canada’s most prominent and outspoken sex work activists, to a life considerably more mundane.

-Judi Siklos is a Registered Psychotherapist passionate about healthy relationships, good communication and self-care. She practices within a feminist and anti-oppression framework and will talk your ear off about consent. She is a lover of rope, reading, the outdoors, research studies and animals (actual or otherwise).

-Mistress Isobel is a Dominatrix in Toronto. She uses role-play and improvised storytelling in her practice. She has worked with devised theatre companies in England and Australia, and has collaborated in radical, subversive art projects around the world including plot-driven pornography and erotica.


This week on Sex City—October 27, 2015

Louise calls Victoria, BC academic Thea Cacchioni who authored Big Pharma, Women and the Labour of Love (University of Toronto Press, 2015). The book is inciteful, questioning pharmaceutical drives in developing a sexual enhancement drug for women, conceived with FSD: female sexual dysfunction. She examines the medicalization of female sexuality already, including sexual medicine specialists. The study also considers how many heterosexual women feel expected to undertake the labour of managing their and their partner's desire, while others forging changes to normative sex work.


This week on Sex City—October 20, 2015

Dorianne calls Iceland to speak to Hjortur Gisli Sigurdsson, Curator and Director of The Icelandic Phallological Museum, which displays specimens of penises from a wide variety of land and sea mammals – including human. And she talks to Dr Wendy Bostwick about her academic research into microaggressions faced by bisexual people, including seven bisexual-specific microaggressions that arose as part of focus groups she held with women.



This week on Sex City—October 13, 2015

Jon speaks with some of the participants in the first annual Naked Heart—The LGBTQ Festival of Words organized by Glad Day Bookshop!
-Lambda-awarding winning writer Jeffrey Round is one of the organizers of Naked Heart and he’ll tell us how this event came to be and about his workshop "Pitch Perfect"
-Debra Anderson is also an award-winning writer who will lead the workshop "Hardcore Hearts" exploring themes of queer love, loss, & desire
-Kristyn Dunnion is another outstanding writer who will be leading the workshop "Write Like You Mean It", an innovative workshop that integrates social justice with concrete writing activities


This week on Sex City—October 6, 2015

Louise speaks with Toronto-based writer-director Heyishi Zhang. Her Gay Mean Girls is a beautiful lesbian short, involving an adolescent figure Lucy who as the prom committee president seeks to establish gay royalty with the customary event. This is sought along a complex draw to her more out lesbian best friend. Some relational tensions glimpsed with a couple of her other girl peers. Heyishi has plans of developing it as a web series.


This week on Sex City—September 29, 2015

Sophie spoke with a few amazing people who represent many facets of sexuality.

- Robin Wilson-Beattie is a sex educator and advocate focused on, among other things, disability. She is the creator of SexAbled - sex for all abilities! Robin is a member of the Association of American Sexual Educators, Counselors and Therapists(AASECT), an Ambassador for the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation and a self-proclaimed sex geek!

- Kaitlin Kochany is a journalist in Toronto with a popular new sexuality-focused column on Torontoist called (you guessed it!) Sex-ist. Her articles follow different aspects of sex and sexuality in Toronto, and her unique research style brings out a very nuanced view of sex in our city.

- Carly Black is an escort and dominatrix who will be joining the awesome folks at Playground to give a presentation about her experiences as a sex worker, specifically aimed at humanizing sexual labour and addressing misconceptions about sex work.



This week on Sex City—September 22, 2015

Dorianne talks to Dr. Debby Herbenick about her book The Coregasm Workout which examines how exercise is connected to sexual arousal and orgasm, including and especially, orgasms induced by exercise alone. Author Farzana Doctor told us about her new novel, All Inclusive  where Ameera, a bourgeoning swinger, has her job compromised by sleeping with tourists at the resort she works at. And Laura Bahr spoke about her new film Boned where a dominatrix kidnaps a dog, getting a hapless dog-walker involved in her scheme.


This week on Sex City—September 15, 2015

Sophie welcomed a great line-up guests, including Sandra LaMorgese​, the author Switch: Time for a Change, her story of becoming a Dominatrix after losing her business; Alicia Beth​, who is collecting stories for Mystery of Vanishing Vulva, a collection of personal life experiences of those with Lichen Sclerosus; and Cordelia Huxtable​ is one of the organizers of Toronto's Sex Geekdom chapter.



This week on Sex City—September 8, 2015

Louise welcomed Toronto-based author Jesse Gilmour. His debut novella The Green Hotel (Quattro Books, 2014) is a resonant narrative involving a young figure Hayden's complex set of relations, along coping with his suicidal father. His life portrayed steeped with sex, drugs and loss. Seedy dimensions of the city appear, including aggressive masculine constructions. He'll be reading a passage from the book too.



This week on Sex City—September 1, 2015

Welcome Back Sophie!

Joining her on her first show back are Natalie Rose, co-founder of The Rose Centre for Love, Sex and Disabilities who is also pursuing a PhD in occupational therapy; Dottie Dangerfield, a burlesque performer, singer and cabaret artist; and Jess Beaulieu, a comedian, podcast host and writer focused on, among other things, periods.



This week on Sex City—August 25, 2015

Jon welcomed Dr. Chauntelle Tibbals who told us about her new book Exposure: A Sociologist Explores Sex, Society, and Adult Entertainment; David Mandell, the co-founder of Private Gym, a revolutionary new product to help men's sexual health and Dr. Timaree Schmit who writes about, podcasts about and has fun with so many different aspects of sex!



This week on Sex City—August 18, 2015

Dorianne talks with Kelly Nosek from the Asexual Visibility and Education Network (AVEN), the world's largest online asexual community which also hosts resources on asexuality. She also has a visit from Carlyle Jansen about her new book Sex Yourself: The Woman’s Guide to Mastering Masturbation and Achieving Powerful Orgasms, with chapters about intricate erotic anatomy, varied options for pleasure, and how to maximize orgasms. And there’s wonderful news about Amnesty International’s policy on sex work! She also speaks with Naomi Sayers, an Indigenous, feminist sex work activist and law student about this development.


This week on Sex City—August 11, 2015

Louise welcomed west coast writer/editor David Eso who co-edited the anthology Where the Nights Are Twice As Long (Goose Lane Editions (2015). The collection involves a range of love letters by Canadian poets, sorted according to the age the authors from when they wrote them. Amorous yearning, ecstacies and horrors abound, including Gwendolyn McEwen at 19 who writes with substantive depth, her reluctance to marry Milton Acorn or Susan Musgrave's poignant exchange of letters with her incarcerated husband Stephen Reid.



This week on Sex City—August 4, 2015

Kate talks with sex blogger and sex toy photography whiz Penny, of Penny’s Dirty Thoughts, about sexy selfies and how to get the perfect dildo portrait. Then we picked the brain of sex educator and striptease siren CoCo LaCreme on flirting, burlesque, and the connections between the two. Finally, we chatted with sex writer and media-maker Tina Horn about her new book, Love Not Given Lightly, and her groundbreaking podcast, Why Are People Into That?!


This week on Sex City—July 28, 2015

It's an eclectic lineup of fascinating guests. Dorianne spoke with Mandy De Sandra, author of fantastical erotica whose latest work is titled Kirk Cameron & The Crocoduck of Chaos Magick. One of the hottest queer theatre artists in Toronto, Katie Sly, joined us to talk about her Summerworks show Charisma Furs, an autobiographical work that includes her first time submitting to a dominatrix. And Eliel Cruz told us about his activities as a writer and speaker, and as a bisexual and Christian, working with LGBTQ and faith communities.


This week on Sex City—July 21, 2015

Jon welcomes three fantastic guests to our sexy show! Lucas Brooks has been touring his one man show "Cootie Catcher" about the discussions we need to have about STIs and we recently chatting with him during his stop at the Toronto Fringe Festival. Stella Palikarova is co-presenting the Deliciously Disabled sex party on Friday August 14 and tell us all about this groundbreaking event. Ela Darling is a librarian turned porn star who is leading the evolution of virtual reality—with a definitely sexy bent!



This week on Sex City—July 14, 2015

Louise reaches to Edmonton author, Diana Davidson. Her first novel Pilgrimage engages with four interconnected figures trying to exist in the colonial, late nineteenth century metis settlement of Lac Ste Anne. It begins with Mahkesis, a young native girl, we learn impregnated by the married Hudson Bay Company manager she worked for. Other relational complexities surface, involving realities of racism, resilience and love.


This week on Sex City—July 7, 2015

Kate chat's with sex educator and emotional literacy coach Karen BK Chan about sexual jamming, communication pitfalls, and consent. Then we learn all about glass sex toys from Maria Anne of artisanal dildo company Fucking Sculptures. Finally, we welcome back sex blogger Epiphora to tell us about the social media campaign she launched to raise awareness about female ejaculation, which she says is definitely ‪#‎notpee‬!


This week on Sex City—June 30, 2015

Dorianne speaks with great sex writers from Arsenal Pulp Press! Michael V. Smith talks to us about his compelling memoir, My Body Is Yours which explores gender non-conformity, anonymous park sex, barebacking, fisting as a transcendent expression of love, and so much more. Then we discuss Sassafras Lowrey's Lost Boi, a fantastical, gritty re-imagining of Peter Pan as a genderfucking BDSM story about orphaned, abandoned and runaway youth. Finally, Amber Dawn is back on the show with her newest book of poetry, Where the words end and my body begins, an impressive suite of glosa poems written as an homage to queer poets both contemporary and classic, infused with her trademark raw sexuality.



This week on Sex City—June 23, 2015

It was Legends of Porn night as Jon was joined by both JAMES DEEN and NINA HARTLEY!
These two incomparable characters shared their thoughts and ideas on the current world of porn, what they're working on and how porn and the mainstream can connect. We were also be joined by Magnus Sullivan, the creator of the award-winning film Marriage 2.0—arguably the greatest melding of sex and story ever filmed.


This week on Sex City—June 16, 2015

Louise welcomed Will Ennis and Isaac Kessler, who perform in the short film Sprout This! This film involves comedic qualities with adult film star Frankie Bombs and his brashness from auteur director Lars's concepts. Eros, language and interactions ensue, within an urban sprout farm.


This week on Sex City—June 2, 2015

Dorianne welcomed three authors from different genres whose works all touch on aspects of sex, sexuality and/or gender.

Shiri Eisner is a genderqueer activist and academic whose book Bi: Notes For a Bisexual Revolution examines the meanings and politics of bisexuality

Elizabeth Lister’s back to let us know about two new books that complete the trilogy about the kinky triad relationship between Tate, Sebastian and Dom extraordinaire James Lucas.

Trish Salah is a poet whose work addresses transgender themes, as well as questions of diasporic Arab identity, anti-racism, queer politics and economic and social justice who discusses her new book of poetry, Lyric Sexology.



This week on Sex City—May 26, 2015

Jon chats with Maya Jordan, former Scores girl turned psychotherapist and host of Head Games on Playboy Radio and sex blogger extraordinaire Girly Juice!



This week on Sex City—May 19, 2015

Louise welcomes Jag Parmar, who's film she wrote and directed, Dowry premiered in the ReelWorld Film Festival in Toronto. This film tells the moving tale of Mausam, from an underprivileged family. Her family had arranged for one dowry, but her wheelchair-bound sister Gia also falls in love and demands a dowry for her own. A family feud arises, as the film wrestles with prevalent social severities with dowry processes, including senses of teetering support for Gia by her mother, who discloses experiencing relational violence as a young widow.



This week on Sex City—May 12, 2015

Jon welcomed guests on the wide-ranging topic of sex education! First he spoke with Jacki Yovanoff who shared thoughts on Ontario's controversial new sex education curriculum being implemented in schools next school year. Next up superstar sex ed blogger Jerome Stuart Nichols will told us about his site LTASEX.com. And finally, Sherri L. Shaulis will told us what it's like to write about sex products and other porn-related news for the adult industry standard AVN.


The week on Sex City—May 5, 2015

Dorianne welcomes Sylvie Hill, racy poet and spoken word performer will tell us about her new collection “Russell Square Station: mine the trash”, Joe Giantonio from Topless Travel to tell us about their specialty trips to the swinger resorts and new and exciting events in unique mainstream destinations that are sex-friendly, including lifestyle cruises, and Allison Moon, author of the sex ed book Girl Sex 101, the delightfully explicit memoir Bad Dyke and the Tales Of the Pack lesbian werewolf novels.


This week on Sex City—April 28, 2015

Sophie talks all about porn with Sarah Beall (AKA Madam Curator), the curator and community manager for Make Love Not Porn, Caitlin K. Roberts, creator/facilitator of Body Pride workshops and founder of the Feminist Porn Award-winning local Toronto porn collective site The Spit Magazine and Taylor J. Mace is a genderqueer queer pornstar and producer who has a newly developed company called Feisty Fox Films.



This week on Sex City—April 21, 2015

Louise spoke with Daniel Karasik, who's play he wrote, Little Death premiered recently in Toronto at The Theatre Centre. This play tells the moving tale of Alex, who may or may not be dying. In turn, with his wife Brit's conflicted permission, he searches for sex and connection with strangers in hotel bars. He also moves with consistence to marital home, along his wife's increasing strain with his seeking pattern. Little Death engages with dimensions about marriage and fidelity, as well as intimate wants of men and women.



This week on Sex City—April 7, 2015

Welcome to Dorianne's annual Feminist Porn Awards spectacular!

This year, Dorianne welcomes FPA nominees Biodildo2 director Christian Slaughter, new director Evie Eliot discusses her film Twitterbating and "slow porn and Naomi Rutledge​ who created the sexually explicit music video Galactic Cannibalism.



This week on Sex City—March 31, 2015

Jon brings a show devoted to some of the most present sexual conversations happening today. Joan Price highlighted the growing understanding of seniors and sex from her book The Ultimate Guide to Sex After 50 and Lorrae Bradbury discussed her site Slutty Girl Problems and how the word 'slut' still carries in our evolving sexual world.



This week on Sex City—March 24, 2015

Louise reaches to documentary filmmaker Doug Block who after two decades of filming weddings part-time wondered what became of the couples. In 112 Weddings, he tracks down a number of the couples whose weddings he filmed to see how their relationships are going years later.



This week on Sex City—March 17, 2015

Sophie did a little shimmy here and a whole lot of shaking there as she spoke with some awesome folks from the burlesque community—including: Tiny B. Hiney (so named because her hiney be tiny), a Toronto-based burlesque entertainer, public speaker and video model; Bastard Keith, a burlesque emcee, man of action, singer, actor, writer and gadabout; and, Julie Paquet and Michael J. McCarthy, co-founders of Montreal burlesque and vaudeville performance collective Glam Gam Productions.



This week on Sex City—March 10, 2015

Dorianne welcomed playwright Brandon Crone whose new show, The Nature of the Beast, is a comedic and heartbreaking examination of sexual repression and desire. She also learned about Morgen Bromell's new dating app called Thurst, made by and for queer cis, trans, and non-binary folks. It will have features such as comprehensive options for gender identities, pronouns, sexuality, and relationship styles, ability to designate kink and fetishes, and privacy and security. Finally, Dorianne discussed fighting for all-gender washrooms on campus and bringing Laverne Cox to give a talk called "Ain't I a Woman: My Journey to Womanhood" with Markus (Star) Harwood-Jones from Ryerson Student Union Trans Collective.


This week on Sex City—March 3, 2015

Host Jon Pressick speaks with some amazing producers of sexy media: erotic literature, hot porn and sexy music!

We heard from Kay Brandt, award-winning director of Jewelbox films who is now focussing on her written erotica, including her latest Lusty Lawyers and their Innocent Interns Vol 1. And finally, we listened to the music of and spoke with Montreal's Alex Robshaw—who steeps her work in sex and sensuality.



This week on Sex City—February 24, 2015

Sophie and Dorianne host a wonderfully wide-ranging roundtable discussion all about Kink! Featuring special guests Armen, the organizer of the Genesis Fetish Party, writer, BDSM educator and the Perverted Negress herself Mollena Williams and Playground Conference organizer and author Samantha Fraser.



This week on Sex City—February 17, 2015

Sophie spoke with Lynx Sainte-Marie about their project Queer of Gender - an amazing initiative dedicated to affirming and acknowledging the various genders and gender expressions within Black, Indigenous and People of Colour (BIPOC) communities. Then she chatted with Jessica Lynn Whitbread of the International Community of Women Living with HIV about Love Positive Women - a yearly Valentine's Day-adjacent project focused on showing community and self-oriented love for women living with HIV, as well as her book Tea Time and her other work associated with education, empowerment, decriminalization and destigmatization surrounding HIV. Finally, she had a fun discussion with Billy Procida of the Manwhore Podcast, taking a peek into the world of a 20-something comedian looking for sex-positive love in New York City.



This week on Sex City—February 10, 2015

Dorianne spoke with Emily Linden, who started the Unslut Project by publishing her own diary entries from when she was slut-shamed as a girl, and is now at work on Slut: A Documentary. She also chatted with Joel Klein, creator of Cocktales With Maria, a gay sex drag opera drawn from direct transcripts of real life sexual experiences, playing as part of the Rhubarb Festival at Buddies in Bad Times. As well, she learned all about Christina Walkinshaw, a standup comic who is on a “Tinder Bender” going on fifty first dates from Tinder and blogging about each one.



This week on Sex City—February 3, 2015

Special guest co-host Brian Finch joined Jon in speaking with Francisco Ibanez-Carrasco who recently launch the memoir Giving It Raw: Nearly 30 Years with AIDS; Dora-award winning playwright, independent filmmaker, journalist David Demchuk and queer comic, storyteller, improviser and producer of “Queer as Fuck” comedy night Catherine McCormick



This week on Sex City—January 27, 2015

Louise speaks with author Kim Fu with her debut novel For Today I Am A Boy (Harper Collins Canada). It's a stirring read that traces the Chinese-Canadian character, Peter Huang's struggles toward transgender self. He is the only son in the middle of three daughters, pressured to embody his immigrant father's ideal of power and masculinity, even as he questions gender from kindergarten, drawn to representations and ephemera of femininity, like make-up. Speaking to his older sister Adele, he says, “I want to have hair like you. I want to be pretty like you.”



This week on Sex City—January 20, 2015

Special guest co-host Sophie Delancey brought a fantastic show of queer porn awesomeness! Chelsea Poe discussed her writing and projects, being on God's Girls and her petition to rid the porn lexicon of offensive terms for transwomen. Cinnamon Maxxine related some current struggles, their activism to hold porn producers accountable in terms of race and bodies and new work coming down the pipe. And James Darling told us about FTMFucker and his AVN nominations!

Thanks Sophie!



This week on Sex City—January 13, 2015

Dorianne talks to Kate Johnston about her film Tru Love, about a serial bed-hopping lesbian who cannot commit to a relationship or a job for long – until she meets an older woman, the mother of a good friend with whom Tru has a complicated history. Then she spoke with Natalia Manzocco an entrepreneur in the gender-neutral fashion world to talk about style beyond the categories of “women’s” and “men’s.” Finally Sophie Saint Thomas, a sex writer for VICE, The Frisky, and other places discusses about dating as a sex writer, hate-fucking, unicorn-hunting and more.



This week on Sex City—January 6, 2015

Jon welcomed three great guests to the show! Sunny Megatron told us all about her acclaimed sex ed show Sex with Sunny Megatron; Brian Finch discussed storytelling as an activist action from his years discussing HIV and Tim Bartsch gave us a peak into his work Southern Time.


This week on Sex City—December 30, 2014

Louise spoke with Jennifer Doyle whose latest book, Hold It Against Me: Difficulty and Emotion in Contemporary Art is a thought-provoking read.



This week on Sex City—December 16, 2014

Dorianne talks with Kelly Guillory, the artist of a new web comic described as "packed with utterly gratuitous sex and indefensible amounts of violence." Transhuman Resources features a protagonist who is a transhuman, transgender and transnational corporate troubleshooter in a dystopian cyberpunk future. She then calls up Emily Nagoski, a sex educator and author with a wealth of credentials. Emily has a Ph.D. in Health Behavior with a doctoral concentration in human sexuality and has worked at the Kinsey Institute. She is the author of three Good In Bed Guides, and her forthcoming book Come as You Are is an exploration of why and how women’s sexuality works based on groundbreaking research and brain science. Finally, she welcomed JoEllen Notte, aka The Redhead Bedhead. JoEllen is the Lead Sex Educator for the Portland Academy of Sex Education and teaches on topics such as adult shopping skills, online dating savvy, dirty talking magic and casual sex mastery. She is the author of "Spotting a Great Sex Shop (and Surviving a Bad One)" and is currently researching her first book: The Monster Under the Bed: Sex, Depression & A Conversation We Aren’t Having.



This week on Sex City—December 9, 2014

This edition of Sex City is all about consent and what it means from a legal, kink and personal perspective—with the Jian Ghomeshi scandal as a significant background for the talk. Joined by special guest co-host Lisa Bucher for this discussion, they explore consent with experts and educators:
-Raymond Motee is Sex City’s frequent legal analyst who will outline the legal implications of sexual consent.
-Matt Scott and Shadow-girl are the co-founders of Ontario Kink, and they will discuss how Ghomeshi’s implication of BDSM and consent has impacted that community.
-Heather Elizabeth and JP Robichaud recently presented “A Conversation on Consent” and they will offer ways to talk about—receiving and giving—consent.


This week on Sex City—December 2, 2014

Louise speaks to Lidia Yuknavitch, the Oregon author of Dora: a Headcase. This is an affecting contemporary coming-of-age story, retold by Ida, whose adolescent alter-ego is Dora. Mandated by her parents, she goes to a psychiatrist, recording their conversations, and countering his therapeutic tones, including repression and oedipality. While sex isn't something she has experienced, she leads friends in an art attack series, which involves bold bodily qualities, like getting drunk and naked at nordstroms to hatching a plan to secretly film the psychiatrist's physicality, with unforeseen consequences.



This week on Sex City—November 25, 2014

Last night's episode can be summed up by two words: Carole Pope.

Carole Pope is a singer songwriter, agent provocateur pushing the boundaries of sexuality, sexual politics and the status quo.

With three Juno Awards, (Canadian Grammy), a Genie Award, (Canadian Oscar) and 4 Gold and 1 Platinum and 1 Double Platinum records to her credit, Carole Pope is an Icon of transgressive music.

Pope’s latest release Music For Lesbians is a four song EP that explores the funny, tragic things involved in being with another woman.



This week on Sex City—November 18, 2014

Dorianne talks to Jen Ralston, the creator of a web series, Gates and Strays, about an interracial opposite sex couple that break up, but remain best friends, as they explore and integrate into the queer community of San Francisco. We also have a conversation with Alicia and Amy from Hollaback Toronto about their initiative to address street harassment. Dorianne and Mark then preview upcoming Sex City shows and have a significant discussion on consent, gender and more.



This week on Sex City—November 11, 2014

Jon welcomed a legend, a powerhouse sex ed couple and a tremendous advocate! Candida Royalle  porn superstar and director, author and educatortold us about her entirely personal and moving new project While You Were Gone, a documentary about her search for her mother. Then, Sheri Winston and Carl Frankel, sex educators behind the Center for the Intimate Arts have both has just released new books. We discussed Winston's Succulent SexCraft and Frankel's Secrets of the Sex Masters. Finally, Andrew Morrison-Gurza's writing on being queer, sex and disability has been creating much conversation. We continued the discussions his work has been starting.



This week on Sex City—October 28, 2014

Mark was joined by Political and Trans Activist Susan Gapka to discuss Toronto's municipal elections that garnered world wide attention. General Manager of the Church Wellesley Village BIA Mychol Scully gave us a peek of the annual Halloween street party that happens in the heart of the Gay Village here in Toronto. And Taylor B Jones, author and advocate told us all about the lifestyle known as SUGARING.



This week on Sex City—October 14, 2014

It is that time of year again! Sex Geeks from Toronto and beyond are gathering for the annual Playground Conference November 7–9! Jon previewed the conference some of this year's presenters, including Kate McCombs who will told us about Sex Geekery, Lisa Bucher who related stories of being a blogger for an escort agency and Dr. Ruth Neustifter who will be speaking on stigma involving those with STIs.



This week on Sex City—October 7, 2014

Dorianne welcomed an all-queer lineup including a trans poet, a poly genderfluid leather rabbi and a sex and disability educator!

  • Kaleigh Trace is a disabled queer sex educator who works at Venus Envy in Halifax and writes the blog The Fucking Facts. She has just published a new book: Hot, Wet, and Shaking: How I Learned To Talk About Sex.
  • Rabbi Andrea Myers, aka Oliver Shallum, is the author of The Choosing: A Rabbi’s Journey from Silent Nights to High Holy Days and writes for various places including the Huffington Post. She also happens to be queer, genderfluid, poly, and a proud member of Toronto's leatherdyke community.
  • Jude Orlando Enjolras is a queer and trans performance poet and librarian. He is the editor of forthcoming collection Poems for the Queer Revolution.



This week on Sex City—September 30, 2014

Louise discussed aspects of Senoritas, the debut feature from Colombian-raised, Toronto-based filmmaker Lina Rodriguez. The film focusses on the middle-class girl Alejandra, as she moves along with a circle of male and female friends with qualities of sexual independence, but such explorations involve pleasures, risk and loneliness.



This week on Sex City—September 23, 2014

Bryen takes a look at three recently-released books dealing with sex and sexuality. First he welcomed Shawn Syms, told us about his new short-story collection, Nothing Looks Familiar. Next, Professor Victor Minichiello joined him to discuss Male Sex Work & Society. Finally, Alec Butler joined us to chat about his new release Rough Paradise.



This week on Sex City—September 16, 2014

Dorianne featured great folks from the arts community! She welcomed Angie Abdou, author of a new novel called Between, Catherine Hernandez, playwright of the upcoming show The Femme Playlist and Dale Lazarov, writer and editor of gay smut comics.



This week on Sex City—September 9, 2014

Jon welcomed sex educator Ducky Doolittle to hear about upcoming sex workshops at Come As You Are, RAW SEX host Alicia to learn all about her journey into sex broadcasting and erotica editor and narrator Rose Caraway to tell us all about The Sexy Librarian's Big Book of Erotica.



This week on Sex City—August 26, 2014

Sex City hosted a very special roundtable discussion on sex entrepreneurs and sex-related business. Jon welcomed three inspirational women who are succeeding with their different, awesome endeavours. Many thanks to Rosanna from In My Bed magazine, Marika from Kink Engineering and Deanna from Hanky Panky for their insight and encouraging words about the prospects of running a sex-related business.


This week on Sex City—August 19, 2014

Dorianne welcomed Catherine Skinner, one of two proud mamas in a polyamorous triad family, and she blogs about it at Playboymommy and Heather Boerner, author of Positively Negative: Love, Pregnancy, and Science's Surprising Victory Over HIV. She also introduced Sex City's technician and new fill-in host Mark Tara who will be taking the reigns of the show on September 2.



This week on Sex City—August 12, 2014

Jon welcomed Kelly Shibari star of jessica drake's Wicked Guide to Sex: Plus Size and the first plus size porn performer to grace the cover of Penthouse Forum; Epiphora, who regaled us with tales from her many years as the most honest, snarky and trusted sex toy reviewer around; and Shane Allison who arrested us with his charming take on hot cops in his erotica collection Rookies.



This week on Sex City—August 5, 2014

Louise welcomed the New-York based writer Yolande Brener to discuss qualities of her memoir, Holy Candy. This stirring autobiographical narrative traces a 15-year involvement with the cult of the Moonies from the late eighties. The tale mounts to an arranged marriage to a stranger, including ritualized aspects to marital consummation, along to subsequent relational challenges.



This week on Sex City—July 29, 2014

Jon was joined by Samantha Fraser and Sophie Delancey, the founders of Toronto's Tell Me Something Good Sexy Storytelling Slam! They told us all about the event that has taken Toronto by storm! As a treat, we were also joined by Wil McLean, Tynan Rhea and Elle Chronique who shared some of the sexy stories they have shared!


This week on Sex City—July 22, 2014

Dorianne spoke with Brian Krieger from Minna Life who told us about their KGoal product, a device + app that provides a fun, interactive platform to guide, measure and track your pelvic floor exercise. She also chatted with author JD Glass to discuss her erotic queer punk rock novels, particularly the most recent one, First Blood, a steamy story of good versus evil fought on both the physical and astral planes of existence As well, Dorianne was joined by Tavis Valentine, the Canadian representative for Svakom, a company that has produced a vibrator with a camera. We will find out all about this unique new toy from Tavis.



This week on Sex City—July 15, 2015

Jon was joined by some of the biggest names in porn to talk about different aspects of sex education! Stoya discussed her experiences writing her advice column on Refinery29 as well as the concerns she has with the adult performing industry. jessica drake has been producing a fantastic line up excellent adult sex ed videos—jessica drake's Guide to Wicked Sex—and she told us all about those, including her latest. Conner Habib is an accomplished and loved porn performer and writer who also visits colleges and universities to speak—he discussed what it is like to bring porn into the academic world.